Youth Services

Nashville Youth Training and Education Corp (Y-TEC)

Nashville Youth Training and Employment Corp (Y-TEC) is an after school 40 week program dedicated to preparing high school for the world of work, especially those students who are at-risk of school failure. Nashville Y-TEC encourages the development of a solid work ethic through work readiness assessments, employment soft skills training, and work experience.

The Nashville Y-TEC pilot was implemented in cooperation with Maplewood High School with a grant from the Memorial Foundation. Students selected by their school administrators and teachers meet at school after class time to receive a variety of services designed to help them utilize assessment results, current technology, and Urban League of Middle Tennessee’s employer relationships to research their career choices and set goals; to evaluate and enhance their academic skills and life skills; and to gain valuable work experience. Guest facilitators representing a variety of careers help students gain valuable insight into workplace requirements, networking, and variations within career categories.

Nashville Y-TEC students receive a stipend for their after-school classroom participation and for their work experience hours. Our students prepare for their future careers by engaging in work experience relevant to their career choices with local government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and other businesses.

Contact: Robert Robinson
Program Manager
(615) 254-0525