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Youth Education

Project Ready - Youth Empowerment ensures the education of all children by providing access to early childhood literacy, after-care programs and college preparation and scholarships. Project Ready is a signature program of the National Urban League (NUL) designed to provide enhanced academic and social support to 9-12th grade high school students as they prepare for post-secondary success. In many college preparation programs, greater emphasis is often placed on academic skill building for college, often times at the expense of other equally important concerns such as students' personal capacities and social maturity for college. The Project Ready College Access Curriculum explicitly integrates academic preparation for college along with life skills development and a “readiness” set of emphases on personal, global, and cultural awareness. NUL has developed a unique and comprehensive approach to building the academic, personal, and social assets of African American students. The College Access Curriculum is comprised of three (3) key components Academic Development, Social Development, and Cultural & Global Awareness.

  • ACT Boot Camp is a 12 hour pre ACT exam instruction and readiness course before the exam dates.
  • Summer Academy in June. The Summer Academy addresses Leadership, Academics, and Life skills over 3 weeks as a summer camp.
  • Saturday Academy consists every 3rd Saturday of the month for academic school year and includes intercession/spring breaks. The Saturday Academy addresses social, cultural, and academic learning throughout the school year


NULITES - the National Urban League’s Incentives to Excel and Succeed

Nashville Youth Training and Employment Corp. (Nashville Y-TEC)


Vocational Training/ Certification Classes

Mondays              Desktop- Microsoft Training

TBA                      Cabling Certifications

TBA                      Informational Technology Certifications

         Job Search assistance/Resume Writing & Review/Interviewing Skills

Computer access for Job Searches/Job Referrals

Contact: Shawn Sanders-Workforce manager  (615) 254-0525


Education and Youth Empowerment ensures the education of all children by providing access to early childhood literacy, after-care programs and college scholarships. EconomicEmpowerment invests in the financial literacy and employability of adults through job training, home ownership and entrepreneurship. Health and Quality of Life Empowerment promotes community wellness through a focus on prevention, including fitness, healthy eating and access to affordable healthcare. Civic Engagement and Leadership Empowerment encourages all people to take an active role to improve quality of life through participation in community service projects and public policy initiatives. Civil Rights and Racial Justice Empowerment guarantees equal participation in all facets of American society through proactive public policies and community-based programs.