The Urban League Helped Me Secure Employment

Special thanks to the Urban League of Middle Tennessee for helping me secure employment.

November 2012, during my annual evaluation, I was advised to seek employment elsewhere. January, 2013, I became unemployed and during the months that followed, I was on the hunt for a job that matched my professional skills. My pastor learned that I was unemployed and suggested I contact Tierney Bates at the Urban League. He was confident that the Urban League was the best place to start because their mission included economic empowerment for minorities.
I notified Tierney as my pastor suggested and was very glad I followed his advice. Tierney invited me to the annual job fair, and sent me job notifications that targeted my area of expertise. Thanks to the network at the Urban League, on June 3, 2013, I will begin my new journey in the Business Office at Fisk University as a Budget Analyst.