The Urban League Helped Me Find a Job

I am delighted to share my experiences in working with the Urban League to find employment.  

In August of 2012, a source told me to contact the Urban League in the hope that they could assist me in my job search. I met with Mr. Tierney Bates at the Urban League of Middle Tennessee and we discussed my work experiences and career interests. Mr. Bates was consistent in discussing job opportunities he knew about and he followed-up with me on each opportunity. Mr. Bates never gave up and in November 2012, Mr. Bates directed me to a job opportunity at Shoneys.  I am both proud and excited that I have become a member of the Urban League and am now employed in the Human Resource department for the corporate office at Shoneys. I feel truly blessed for obtaining this wonderful opportunity.  My coworkers are great and the management staff is awesome! I truly thank God, I thank the Urban League and Shoneys for such a wonderful career opportunity!